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Our Story

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Faisal Wani
Website Developer, Marketing Manager

'Power of Mirror is the Power of Self-Knowledge and Self-Learning'

With this motto in mind, we endeavored to build this platform of self-paced programs for a senior-school grader to help and guide him/her make a smart and informed career choice towards a happier self. 


Started in 2021, KahimaLearning was an online DIY educational Program providing self-assessment tools in the form of specially curated Whys and Hows, backed by important and relevant  Lesson Plans. These would have definitely helped students find their strengths and interest in different subjects before pursuing them full time.

However we realized this is not enough, so we decided to embark on a new journey where we work closely with our clients, taking a more holistic approach to our services. So we created a course to transform people into learners through MOJO and twice a week sessions. 

But, we did not forget our roots and have kept all our previous material in the bonus section of our course. Here, all Whys and Hows / Lesson Plans can be accessed. 

An array of trending subjects of present times viz Science, Financial Literacy, Legal Understanding, Information Technology, Indian History are at your disposal.


KahimaLearning sincerely attempts to bridge the gap between your reality and your dreams.


To your success!  

Ritu  RB
Founder and CEO, Marketing Head

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