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The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries marked the period of turmoil for the Indian subcontinent. As India was reeling under the autocratic rule of Aurangzeb, the land saw the emergence of many European invaders who wanted to rule over us. One conquest led to another. The tussle for power was so evident in that era that it was a testimony of how being strong in character and courage is not enough for the sake of protection of the motherland, people have to stand and fight united.

Being proud of belonging to a lineage of brave men and women, we must honour their sacrifice by remembering their feats and imbibing their love for motherland that didn't deter them from laying down their lives and finding a place in history books.

With gratification to our great kings and queens, we put forth a collection of Whys and Hows on Warrior Queens, Revolt of 1857 and The Rise of the British Empire.

Do you think you remember their actions and words? Find out.


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