Gaming Apps- A Hobby or A Habit?

A mobile game is a video game that is typically played on a mobile phone. Applications are softwares installed on your device. And gaming is the running of specialized applications known as electronic games or video games on game consoles like Xbox and Playstation or on personal computers.

The most popular form of entertainment in today’s times is video games. With the rise of digital revolution, the game developers and distributors make it easily available on the websites and the online marketplaces like the play stores. On the Smartphones, such apps can be downloaded effortlessly. Whether it's console games like Xbox one, PS4, Wii or the ones on your tablet or smartphones, they all can be clubbed together as gaming apps.

Types of Gaming Apps

Arcade Games- It includes games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc which are electronic or coin-operated games for the public.

Adventure Games- Compelling story-driven gameplay is what constitutes adventure games. Minecraft is popular in this category.

Roleplay Games- In this, players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. e.g Final Fantasy

Sports Games- These are basically simulation of real-time sports like NBA2K16

Racing Games- In this, players assume the role of a driver in a racing competition, like Need for Speed.

Youngsters these days indulge in gaming apps big time. Instead of following a physical game, they tend to pass their time on the trending gaming apps like Fortnite, Call of Duty etc. These no doubt relaxes the mind for a while and increases hand-eye coordination, and improves problem-solving skills and logic. But getting hooked onto these leads to detrimental results.

Who can forget the craze PUBG had created among the gaming enthusiasts till very recently and what all it led to?

Advantages of Gaming Apps:

a) Brain Booster- The grey matter of your brain increases, which helps boost brain connectivity.

b) Improves concentration- Video games need lots of focus, thereby improving concentration.

c) Career option- Online gaming can also be your career these days. One can create games,teach beginners gaming skills, take classes, and make income. Many websites pay you for playing games.

d) Improves teamwork and social skills- Most of the games are multiplayer that offer different roles to their players.

Disadvantages of using gaming apps

a) Addiction- If you keep playing them without any break, it can get addictive and that can affect your responsibility.

b) Health Problems- If you play online games for more than an hour a day, it can lead to obesity, poor posture, eye problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so on.

c) Victim of Cyberbullying and Scammers- Since one doesn’t know who is on the other side, one can fall prey to bullies and scams on the internet.

Both sides of the coin have been put forth here so that you weigh the pros and cons before plunging into this ocean. You can nearly find any game you think of in the App Store or Google Play. If you overplay, waste your time and energy, ignore responsibilities and work, these gaming apps are not worth it.

Are you game for Gaming Apps?

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