HISTORY is not a SUBJECT, it is LIVING a LIFE you missed!!

We can neither know our past nor our future but by trying to understand our roots, our history, we can surely value our present more. For it is this intriguing history that paved the way for our remarkable present and an equally astonishing future. Unknowingly, we are also creating and becoming an inseparable part of it, so it better be good and memorable.

History is fascinating, enigmatic, insightful, all in one. It provides an equal and fair opportunity to one and all to accomplish any task; just put yourself into someone else's shoes and imagine living a life that was.

How Interesting! Isn't it ?

In our effort to give you a platform to check your understanding of our rich history, adventurous past and diverse culture, and help you make an informed decision of taking it up as a career so that you can create as well as write amazing historical accounts. Hope you like the content and find it fruitful and enriching.


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