WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY where one has to boot and reboot oneself to stay in touch with the fast-paced changing technology. So many versions and so many applications are flooded in the market everyday that a person is constantly upskilling himself to understand its utility. No doubt IT has made things easier for us but there's a very fine line between its use and misuse. If we don't check ourselves now, soon machines will replace us and we will end up being present only virtually.

In this series of Information Technology programs, we have tried to put together a platter of all that's new, cool, happening and evolving in the field of computers. This will enable you to check if you are cut-out for a career in IT that expects you to code, construct, assemble, network, develop or design programs for future machines.

Hope you like the content and find it fruitful and enriching.


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