What does this year’s government’s initiative to celebrate ‘Azadi ka Mahotsav, Har Ghar Tiranga’ signify? Is it just propaganda? Some people may think so. What does an average, mainstream Indian, more so our youth, think?

It is a way to show our solidarity to our nation and respect to our national heroes who laid down their lives for the freedom that we are enjoying today. It is a way to teach our children that we should do certain things just to show that we stand united and show our support to the ‘ONENESS’ of our nation.

How else can our youth work and contribute towards preserving and upholding this precious Independence? A few pointers in this regard can be-

Ø To get an education and acquire skills within the country. We have some of the world’s best universities and educational institutions.

Ø Well-equipped with high education, stay in the country and contribute towards nation-building in whatever best possible way one can.

Ø When we come across derogatory comments regarding our country in verbal or written form, within or outside India, we must raise our voice in whatever little capacity we can. Because if we don’t show respect and pride, others will not get the message.

Ø We need to do our bit by serving our motherland, and become a part of its developmental process and ushering it into becoming a ‘SUPER POWER’.

After all we maketh India. And ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ is our common dream. Let’s make it happen. Together we can and we will.


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