LAW AND FREEDOM - Two Sides of the Same Society

Every society comprises of three kinds of people in different proportions - law makers, law abiders and law breakers. No points for guessing what an ideal equation of these three should be.

Laws are made so that a safe and just society can prevail. Ignorance of the law should be no excuse for breaking it or getting away with any wrongdoing that would hurt or harm other living beings.

The field of study that deals with the legal interpretation of not only the words that are said but also the actions that are done during a case's proceedings is what we understand as 'LAW' in layman's vocabulary.

In our effort to give you a platform wherein you can check your understanding of prevailing laws in our society and the usage of legal terms in our conversation so that you can make an informed decision of taking it up as a career so that our just, peaceful and lawful society gets benefited with your valuable contribution.

Hope you like the content and find it fruitful and enriching.


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