Delhi Sultanate was the coming of invaders from Afghanistan to India, taking over Delhi and ruling for 320 years while passing on the baton from one Sultan to another hereditarily or in the battleground.

Whether Balban was the greatest or Alauddin Khalji or Feroz Shah Tughlaq; they all contributed to the history and in setting up certain military, economic or administrative practices for later rulers.

If Alauddin and Ibrahim were cruel, Bahlol was gratifying; if Muhammad Tughlaq was wise, Iltutmish was fair, Feroz Shah was benevolent. How-so-ever they ruled their subjects at that time, and they have gone down in history as SULTANS.

This write-up is incomplete without the mention of the first and last female Muslim ruler, RAZIA SULTAN, who was brave, wise, and an excellent administrator like her father, Iltutmish. She not only defied all odds to occupy the throne but also withstood all rebellion and carved a place for herself in Indian history.

We bring forth the questionnaires of WHYS and HOWS on Delhi Sultanate, this week.


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